Water Testing

Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education has a drinking water quality monitoring and testing program in place that includes regular quarterly testing for coliforms and annual chemical analysis.

In 2019, Health Canada published new health-based guidelines for lead and copper in drinking water. A new water testing protocol for copper and lead was outlined by the Department of Environment for all Nova Scotia schools.

All CCRCE schools have been sampled and tested during the fall of 2019 and spring/summer of 2020. 

In December 2019, the Nova Scotia Department of Early Childhood and Education (EECD) announced that all public schools in Nova Scotia would have access to alternate sources of water to reduce any worry families might have about the quality of drinking water in our schools while this testing was underway. This water will remain in place until appropriate mediation steps are taken.

Currently, all schools receive clean drinking water. This will not change. 

Next Steps

As we continue to deal with restrictions due to COVID-19, we have removed access to school water fountains. Alternative water sources will be available to staff and students. 

More Information

For more information about Health Canada’s guidelines related to lead and copper, visit:



CCRCE Water Results

To find the results for CCRCE schools, please download the CCRCE Water Testing Report.

Posted: April 5, 2022

Please note: The report does not include the temporary offsite locations for the Maple Ridge Elementary and Elmsdale District Pre-Primary programs. Both sites have been provided water coolers for staff and children use until back in their home school locations.