School Bus Safety

At CCRCE we take school bus safety seriously and we expect that same from our staff and students. So, here are some safety rules to remember when driving with CCRCE. These rules are designed to keep everyone on board safe and to ensure everyone gets to school on time!

Buster the School Bus Safety Information

Number One Safety Rule!

Always make sure the bus driver can see you!

Waiting for the Bus:

  • Always be on time.
  • Never run to the bus, always walk.
  • Stand back from the road.
  • Before crossing the road always stop, look both ways, and listen for traffic.
  • Don’t push when getting on the bus.
  • If the bus doesn’t show up, do not take a ride from a stranger. Call your school for instructions.

When Riding on the Bus:

  • Stay in your own seat.
  • Place your bag on your lap and not in the aisle.
  • Don’t distract the driver.
  • Don’t yell or talk loudly.
  • Always listen to the bus driver.
  • Be kind to others.
  • Always keep arms and hands inside the bus.

When Getting off the Bus:

  • Hang on to the railing.
  • Don’t push other students.
  • Always make sure the driver can see you.
  • Make sure that you are at least 3 meters in front of the bus when crossing the road.
  • Stop and look both ways before crossing the road.


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