Safe & Caring Schools

As part of our mission, CCRCE strives to create safe and inclusive learning environments at all of our schools. We know that when students develop personal connections and feel a sense of belonging at school, it increases our students’ well-being and their readiness to learn.

At CCRCE, we are continuously looking for opportunities to improve our school learning environments and communities. Part of this work includes our commitment to being culturally responsive and relational throughout our education system. By building a sense of community and respect within our classrooms and schools, we are proactively working to reduce behaviour incidents and bullying.

Want to learn more about our commitment to social justice, culturally responsiveness and relational approach?

Looking for more information on our policies that help us create safe and caring schools? Read the Provincial Student Code of Conduct

Have a question or concern? Please feel free to contact us.

  • If you have a classroom-based question or concern, start with your classroom teacher.
  • If you have a school-based question or concern, talk with your school’s principal.
  • Our Parent Concern Process can help you determine who can help resolve any issues you may have.
  • Have a general question about CCRCE? Call our main line at (902) 897-8900.

Suspension Process at CCRCE

At CCRCE, we put relationships at the core of our work. We strive to be an educational system that uses a relational approach to help ensure the work we do is culturally responsive and restorative. This is why our suspension processes reflect a focus on relationships and what is best for students in our schools. Learn more about the Suspension Process.