Young advocate "scores" big

CCRCE News: 
Friday, February 20, 2015

Educates classmates about visual impairments 

Emily Horton, a Grade 5 student at Salt Springs Elementary School, is an enthusiasitc member of the school community, working to educate her classmates about her visual impairment.  An advocate for the visually impaired, Emily believes that people who have limited vision can do all the same things everyone else can, just a little differently. The students and staff have learned about Braille and proudly display Braille books in their school library for everyone to explore, thanks to Emily’s efforts.

Emily recently introduced her school to the sport Goal Ball. Goal Ball requires the players, who are blindfolded, to rely on their sense of hearing to locate a ball, with a bell, that is rolling towards their team. The object of Goal Ball is for the team to work together as the “net” by trying to block the other team from getting a goal. 

Emily’s passion and advocacy extends beyond her school: she was recently featured on the popular television show “Daily Planet”.

Keep up the great work Emily!