Winter weather is coming!

CCRCE News: 
Thursday, November 6, 2014

The days are getting colder and with each dip in the thermometer we move one step closer to winter weather: icy roads, snow and freezing rain. For CCRSB schools, winter weather means the potential closure of schools when conditions are considered unsuitable for our students and staff.

Decisions regarding school cancellations are made by CCRSB’s Operational Services Department and generally happen in the early morning (before 6:30 am) or mid-day. We try our best not to have mid-day cancellations, but sometimes a non-forecasted change in the weather makes a change in the length of the school day. In those cases, it is important that our schools have the most up-to-date contact information for parents and guardians, and that parents and guardians have alternative arrangements in place for their children, before a cancellation takes place. 

Mid-day cancellations can also be complicated by busing. Many buses in CCRSB transport students to and from multiple schools, in a set order. This same order of return home drop-off will still apply in the case of a mid-day cancellation. So, though schools when the decision is made to close schools 3 hours early, for example, students may not be dropped off until an hour or more after the closure announcement, depending on where their school is on the regular drop-off order. 

Whether first thing in the morning, or mid-day, cancellations due to weather conditions will be announced in several ways:

  • The “All Schools Open” button on the CCRSB home page changes to red. By clicking on the button, you can get closure information specific to our Family of Schools. 
  • A message regarding the cancellation is posted to the CCRSB home page under “News”; to the CCRSB Facebook page; and to our Twitter feed
  • Information is sent to all local radio and television stations within the CCRSB, including CBC radio in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and CFCY radio in Charlottetown.

CCRSB thanks all parents, guardians and students for their patience and understanding as we move through the start of the winter season. Please know that all decisions regarding cancellations are made with great care for the safety of students and staff.