We Day at Riverside Education Centre!

CCRCE News: 
Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On April 9th Riverside Education Centre (REC) students participated in their very own We Day! The students enjoyed a morning full of music, dancing, videos and motivational guest speakers. 

During the We Day festivities it was announced that REC students had achieved their goal and raised enough money to build a school in Haiti through Free the Children. Over a two-year period, REC students raised $11,004.29. Great job to the REC We Day team and REC students who made it all happen!

Speakers: Lisa Whitehead, Jessica MacPherson, Kody Blois, Caden Flynn (a REC student), Ally MacDonell, Jude Gerrard, and Michael Coady. 

Student Emcee’s : Maddy Archibald, Olivia Armsworthy, Gracie MacIntyre, Raina Flynn, Joey Heukshorst, Joely Wallace, Harrison Hain, Jacob White, Monique Peter-Paul and Kierra vonKintzel.

Singers: Kate McKee, Mathew Cejpa, Emma Shive, Aliya Csunyoscka, Kaylee Scothorn, Kyah Nevin-Michael, Ariana Burden, 

We Day Dancers: Joely Wallace, Olyvia Pineo, Aylin Clow, Macy Hatcher