They shoot, they score at the Popcorn Cup of Hockey!

CCRCE News: 
Friday, February 28, 2014


Students, staff and parents from Cobequid Consolidated and Valley Elementary have been enjoying some good-natured competition battling for the Popcorn Cup of Hockey!

Every Monday night, from January 6 through February 24, parents and students from each school faced off in a friendly game of floor hockey, with the winners of the series competing for a delicous popcorn snack. To make things more fun, the teams were named The Canadians and The Leafs, and they were an even mix of parents and students. 

The Popcorn Cup of Hockey was begun to get parents active with their children and to promote co-operative play. The Cup was a huge success, and on the final night of play everyone shared the popcorn from the winners' cup.

What a great time!