That's a Rap Chiganois!

CCRCE News: 
Friday, January 26, 2018

Students at Chiganois Elementary School recently gained a whole new respect for each other after watching their peers perform raps that they had written collaboratively. Grade four and five students took on the challenge of writing their own rap songs as part of their Language Arts and Healthy Living programs.

The students had the exciting opportunity to work with Jonathan Torrens, as he led them through the creative process of writing raps. The culmination to the project involved all of the 'rap groups' performing their songs for their classmates. A panel of judges participated in the first ever "Chiganois Idol" rap event to help with providing accolades and special recognition of the students' performances. One well-deserving group earned the notoriety of having their rap song recorded by Jonathan Torrens. All students agreed that it was an engaging and worthwhile project that generated a great deal of enthusiasm, entertainment and fun!