CCRCE News: 
Monday, May 11, 2015

Springhill Junior Senior High was a-buzz with Techsploration on Wednesday, April 29th. The goal of Techsploration is to increase the number of women working in science, trades, technical and technology-related occupations by assisting young women from diverse backgrounds to explore a wide range of career options in these fields. Springhill students were able to learn about four different careers and meet the women in these jobs, including a program manager from Lockheed Martin Dartmouth, a natural resource educator from the Department of Natural Resources, a PACS application specialist (Diagnostic Imaging) from the IWK, as well as a machining student and volunteer firefighter, from the Nova Scotia Community College. 

After the round robin activity, the Grade 9 Techsploration team presented their power point and skit depicting their role model’s job. Ellen MacIntyre, Program Manager at Lockheed Martin, and her team created software upgrades for all the HMCS Navy ships. The girls are travelled to Saint Mary’s University on May 7-8 for the final event and awards banquet. They worked hard and represented Springhill Jr/Sr High very well. Good job girls!