Social Justice Day at Hants East

CCRCE News: 
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Students at Hants East Rural High School participated in their first-ever Social Justice Day on April 28th. Actor, dancer, writer, musician, and film producer Cory Bowles was the featured speaker for two school-wide assemblies. Students also attended three of 17 concurrent workshops dealing with issues of social justice, including CCRSB’s Social Justice Pillars of Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Class, and Abilities. Other sessions examined social justice in a more global context. Students and staff are thankful to all the special guests that lent their time, talents and passion to the day!

Ian MacHattie, of the Nova Scotia Foodgrains Bank, speaks to HERH students while
introducing the "Global Banquet Simulation".

David Swick, journalism professor at the University of King's College, engages
with students during his session on "Writers and Social Justice". 


Cover photo: Rev. Lennett Anderson talks to HERH students during his workshop on racial profiling, titled "Shopping While Black".