Skills Canada–Nova Scotia Young Women’s Conference

CCRCE News: 
Thursday, April 2, 2015

Earlier this month, 38 female students from CCRSB participated in the Skills Canada - Nova Scotia Young Women’s Conference held at the NSCC campus in Truro. During the conference students were given the opportunity to explore technology based trades hands-on. Each student participated in three sessions exploring flash animation, systems management, green screen video production, unity game development and essential skills.

Skills Canada – Nova Scotia (SCNS) travels throughout the province to promote non-traditional career options for all students but with a particular emphasis on females. Recent studies have shown that, while females make up 52% of the population in Nova Scotia, only 5% of skill trades persons and technologists are female. With this in mind SCNS makes it a priority for young females to be introduced to different trades before they make a decision on their careers.

“CCRSB has always been great with our programs,” said Laura Decker, Project Manager for Skills Canada - Nova Scotia. “We have a champion in the school board system, Don Hill, who is the Community-Based Learning Consultant for CCRSB. He sits on our board and promotes what we do and the importance of exposing students to as much as we can. This helps them make the most informed decision they can.”

Before the conference, Decker contacted teachers who had shown an interest in promoting SCNS throughout their school community. The teachers then promoted the Young Women’s Conference to female students in their schools but also picked specific students that they felt would benefit from the opportunity. 

The SCNS Young Women’s Conference promotes technology based trades but also encourages female empowerment. “If they enjoy doing something it can translate into a career,” said Decker. “It is all about the fit. Finding where you fit based on what you enjoy doing and what your strengths are is the key to figuring out what you are going to do after graduation. No obstacle is too big to stand in your way if it’s something you want to do.”


·         Chloe Nicholson  and Haile Macdonald from Bible Hill Junior High and Jessica Leslie from Northumberland Regional High,  are seen below creating a storyboard for their green screen video!