Report card changes: Information for parents, guardians and students

CCRCE News: 
Thursday, November 20, 2014

Report card season is upon us! Throughout this month, students across CCRSB will be receiving their first report cards of the year. With that in mind, CCRSB wants to ensure that everyone is aware of the changes that have been made to the way report cards are written. (The changes were first announced by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in August 2014).

At All Grade Levels

Teachers at all grade levels will provide comments, in plain language, on student achievement that summarize what a student has learned. This effort to remove educational jargon is being done in acknowledgement of the fact that the professional language used by teachers sometimes needs to be re-worded for parents/guardians and students to maximize understanding. The comments provided will continue to focus on information related to a student's strengths, challenges and next steps for growth in relation to the educational outcomes addressed.

Elementary Grades (Primary – Grade 6)

In Grade Primary, teachers will be reporting on student achievement for only two areas in the first reporting term: Mathematics and either English Language Arts or French Language Arts (Immersion). Student achievement in all subjects will be reported in upcoming report cards. 

Music and Physical Education teachers may choose to report on a student’s social development and/or work habits with a brief written comment. This will very likely only be in circumstances where the teacher believes a particular behaviour needs to be brought to the attention of parents. For example, a comment may be related to an area where improvement is required or where there have been noticeable gains made by the student over the reporting period.

Grades 7-8

Grades 7 and 8 teachers across CCRSB will be reporting on student achievement with 'benchmark' percentage grades at 5% intervals: 100%, 95%, 90%, 85%, 80%, 75%, etc. Although percentage grades have traditionally been used for reporting purposes, this is a new practice for many teachers at these grade levels. 

Questions about report cards may be directed to a student's teacher(s) or principal. More information about the new report card format can be found on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website.