Polling station information: 2016 School Board Elections

CCRCE News: 
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We're a little over two-weeks away from the 2016 School Board elections. While the majority of seats in CCRSB were acclaimed, there are four seats being contested:

  • African-Nova Scotian seat (regional) - Glenda Talbot-Richards (incumbent); Tamara Tynes-Powell 
  • CCRSB District 8 (made up of Truro Ward 1 and Truro Ward 2) - Susan MacQuarrie (incumbent); Sharron Byers
  • CCRSB District 11 (made up of Pictou District 5, Pictou District 6, Pictou District 7, Pictou District 11, Pictou District 12) - Gordon Anderson (incumbent); Scott Adamson
  • CCRSB District 14 (made up of Pictou District 8, Stellarton Ward 1, Stellarton Ward 2, Town of Westville) - Ron Marks (incumbent); Kevin Waller

It is important to remember that any legal-aged voter, within the school board district, who is of African-Nova Scotian descent, or is the parent/guardian of a child of African-Nova Scotian descent has a right to vote for the African-Nova Scotian seat on the school board. Even if the district-elected school board seat in your area has been acclaimed, ballots for the African-Nova Scotian seat should still be offered at your local polling station. You can learn more about voter eligibility here.

Click here for a list of polling stations for the contested school board seats.