Perseverance & Inspiration!

CCRCE News: 
Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In late January, Grade 4 students in Ms. Frelick’s class at Uniacke District School had a special visitor. Jim Hibberts, who has run over 30 marathons and close to 500 races, shared his personal experiences on training and running marathons.  A staff member at the school, Mr. Hibberts exemplifies the Virtue of “perseverance” for students.   

Ms. Frelick’s class participates in the program Classroom Champions, which pairs students with Olympians and Paralympians who act as Athlete Mentors. Every month the class’ Mentor, Kyle Jones, picks a topic and poses a challenge to students. In January, the topic was “Perseverance”, so the students decided to invite Mr. Hibberts to speak to them. They also wrote about their own experiences with perseverance. 

To the delight of students, Mr. Hibberts told them about seeing Terry Fox, near Truro, as he ran his Marathon of Hope. That sighting, said Mr. Hibberts, inspired him to start running. “I wanted to jump out of my car and run with him.” 

The students and Mr. Hibberts truly enjoyed their time together!