North Colchester High Student Receives Loran Scholarship

CCRCE News: 
Friday, February 27, 2015

Hannah Martin, a Grade 12 student from North Colchester High School, is the recipient of a Loran Scholarship. Each year, 30 students from across Canada are selected to receive a Loran Scholarship which includes monetary support of up to $100,000, a mentor for the duration of the recipient’s undergraduate career and internship experiences each summer during the recipient’s undergraduate degree. 

Hannah first learned about the Loran Scholarship from her guidance counselor. From there followed a long application process which included four essays. 

After applying, Hannah went through a rigorous interview process at the regional and national level. In total Hannah participated in 12 interviews including an interview with the co-chair of thr Loran Scholars Foundation and two panel interviews. 

With her scholarship confirmed, Hannah is eagerly waiting for the start of her university experience in the fall. Hannah will be taking a Bachelor of Science with a major in biology and environmental sciences. She is still considering a large number of universities, including McMaster, Ottawa, Dalhousie, the University of New Brunswick and Victoria.

“I am looking forward to taking courses that I am passionate about, and eventually discovering my career path,” said Hannah.” I am also excited to meet new people and connect with other students who have similar interests.”

Hannah is very humbled and grateful to have received this scholarship and appreciative for the support she received throughout the process.  “I would like to use this opportunity to thank those who have helped me along the way: my family, friends, boyfriend, teachers, and my entire community. They have all helped shape who I am today and what I stand for. Most importantly, they have always believed in me and continue on a daily basis to give me the courage to follow my dreams. This is not only my achievement, but all of theirs as well.”

Hannah proves that you can achieve anything with ambition and determination. “I believe that this award is proof that a student from an extremely small rural community, such as Tatamagouche, can achieve anything they set their mind to. I hope that I can inspire others to work hard and never give up on doing good things for the world.” 

Photo Credit: The attached photo is of Hannah visiting Campeche, Mexico last year for a leadership camp. Participants visited a high performance athletic center for young athletes who are taken out of bad living conditions and trained for events such as the Olympics.