Making a splash with fish at Upper Stewiacke Elementary!

CCRCE News: 
Friday, March 24, 2017

On Thursday, March 9th, students at Upper Stewiacke Elementary participated in an art class taught by Rosemary Young, as part of the PAINTS program!

Grade 5/6 teacher, Rachelle Levangie, applied for the grant in October that allowed for Ms. Young to come to the school for the second time this year. Students learned about the traditional Japanese method of printing fish called Gyotaku. Using this technique, students created their own unique fish! 

Sticking to the theme of fish, the students were excited to receive trout eggs which are on display in the foyer of the school for everyone to enjoy. Students will be able to watch the eggs develop over time, and the school will visit a local river to release the fish in the spring!