Grade 11 students learn about the healthcare system, first-hand, during innovative summer co-op

CCRCE News: 
Monday, September 8, 2014

Thanks to a partnership between the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board (CCRSB) and the Pictou County Health Authority (PCHA), three Grade 11 students from North Nova Education Centre, Northumberland Regional High School and Pictou Academy spent their summer job-shadowing at PCHA facilties. 

Caroline, Ashlee, Hanna, Ariana and Lindy had the opportunity to experience different aspects of the healthcare field, including watching a surgery, a foot dissection and a birth. As they enter Grade 12, all five students have expressed an ongoing interest in the healthcare field. 

The partnership between CCRSB and the PCHA sees students complete an in school learning component and then 200 hours of placement with a range of health professionals. The students continue their academic learning through reflection exercises and assignments.  In addition to gaining valuable insight and first-hand knowledge about the healthcare field, students also earn two high school credits.