GR Saunders hosts public forum on bullying

CCRCE News: 
Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grade 6 students at GR Saunders Elementary School participated in Bullying Awareness Week by hosting a public forum called “Let’s Talk about Bullying”. The event, facilitated by Scott Cameron, got a great response with over 60 people in attendance. A number of students read essays on the topic of bullying and its impact on the school community.  Guest speakers included CCRSB Behavior Specialist, Rebecca Smith, Stellarton police Constable, Paul Veenhuis, and Northumberland Regional High School students, Alicia Aikens and Graci Young. All of the guest speakers addressed the issue of bullying - its causes and ways to address it - and provided attendees with information about where to go to learn more or to get help.