Geological exploration at the York Redoubt

CCRCE News: 
Thursday, June 25, 2015

In mid-June, Grade 12 geology students from North Nova Education Centre travelled to Halifax to participate in some hands-on geological exploration and learning at the York Redoubt National Historic Site. Part of Halifax’s formidable Defence Complex, the York Redoubt was constructed in 1793 just as war broke out between Britain and France. 

Students moved through the national historical site identifying different rock formations while trying to find evidence of a contact zone created around 420 Million Years ago. This contact zone represents the beginning of the South Mountain Batholith, a formation formed by magma over 400 million years ago, which can be found as granite over much of Southern Nova Scotia, including Peggy's Cove. Students also outlined the connections between geology and history that made Halifax a British settlement, including differences in bedrock and how glaciers helped make Citadel Hill.