Fred Fox shares brother’s story with students

CCRCE News: 
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fred Fox had a simple message when he recently met with students from Hants North Rural High and Kennetcook District School. He said that like his famous brother Terry Fox, the students needed to have a ‘never give up attitude’ in everything they do in life. 

“This was Fred’s second visit to our school in the past three years. He’s made a special connection with our community,” said Mark Hingley, Vice Principal, Hants North Rural High and Kennetcook District School. 

Mr. Fox was visiting the school as part of the lead-up to the annual Terry Fox Run, a fundraiser for cancer research that is the lasting legacy of his brother’s Marathon of Hope. Elementary students gave a presentation for Mr. Fox that highlighted his brother’s life and accomplishments. 

Following this presentation Mr. Fox was joined by the entire student body for a walk to the village and back. He then gave a presentation to the students during which he shared pictures and stories of Terry’s journey from childhood to his Marathon of Hope. He spoke of determination, and how a “never give up attitude” can take you a long way in life.

The return visit to Hants North Rural High and Kennetcook District School also gave Mr. Fox a chance to reconnect with a student he has quickly formed a special bond with –  Grade 4 student Cody Harvie. The two made lasting impressions with each other during Mr. Fox’s last visit, after which Mr. Fox asked the Terry Fox Foundation to send Cody some memorabilia. 

This time around Cody had a special gift for Mr. Fox: more than $300 for the Terry Fox Foundation, raised by Cody himself. 

Kennetcook District School raised more than $1,100 during their Terry Fox Run this year, while Hants North Rural High donated $1 for every student at the school. Over the past 15 years, the Hants North Rural High and Kennetcook District School have raised over $20,000 for cancer research.