Family Math at Great Village Elementary

CCRCE News: 
Friday, April 22, 2016

As part of its Student Success Plan, the staff at Great Village Elementary hosted a Family Math Event to help parents and guardians better understand the expected academic outcomes for their child's grade level, as well as the normal progression of skills from grades Primary to 4. Staff decided to focus the event on the mathematical area of measurement.

Following student-led conferences, families were invited to come to the gym to complete activities for each of the five components of measurement (mass, capacity, length, time, area & perimeter). At each station, students worked to complete the activity for their grade level. Parents and guardians got to see their child’s learning in action, as well the types of activities being done at other grade levels. Once their activity was completed, each student would put a sticker on the appropriate section of their "Passport for Learning" and move on to another station. Over 90% of families participated in the event and provided lots of positive feedback to the staff! 

Well done Great Village!