Exceptional leaders visit Tatamagouche schools

CCRCE News: 
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Schools in Tatamagouche welcomed a trio of impressive visitors this month.

Sandra Lopez, Lilian Gonzalez and Jose Chachal of the New Hope Foundation in Rabinal, Guatemala visited schools in the community to provide cultural presentations while participating in many extracurricular events. The guests from Guatemala also participated in the schools ‘Let Me Be Me Rally,’ which celebrated diversity and culture. 

Ms. Lopez is the director of the New Hope Foundation, while Ms. Gonzalez is a recent graduate and Mr. Chachal is a current student. All three are described by school officials in Tatamagouche as exceptional leaders. 

Ms. Lopez also met with principals in the area to discuss how this relationship can continue to grow. She then travelled to Eskasoni for two days of cultural events, such as a traditional sweat, medicine walk with Elders, a powwow at the elementary school and drum making experience at the high school. 

The seeds for this visit were planted in the summer of 2016 when North Colchester High School graduate Hannah Martin spent three months on an internship with the New Hope Foundation in Rabinal. Together with her parents, CCRSB teachers Paul and Anne MacDonald Martin, she began to envision a long-term partnership between Tatamagouche schools and New Hope Foundation. 

The Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Solidarity Network (BTS) in Tatamagouche also played a key role in making the visit to Nova Scotia a reality. 

All those involved in this initiative hope to continue learning from one another in the future, with students, parents, teachers and community members from Tatamagouche set to visit Rabinal in March, 2018.