Education Week 2015

CCRCE News: 
Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Three CCRSB educators recognized at provincial ceremony

On April 20th, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, educators, administrators, family and friends gathered at École du Carrefour in Dartmouth to celebrate the 2015 Education Week Award recipients. CCRSB was pleased to be represented by three outstanding recipients: Kathy Wells, Cumberland North Academy; Shana MacPherson, Debert Elementary; and Karri Ann Noel, West Pictou Consolidated School. 

This year's theme is Schools as Communities: Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open DoorsRecipients are being recognized for supporting student development through service learning, community projects and co-operative education, and for encouraging students to be active in their schools and communities. 

Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Karen Casey presented Education Week Awards to 23 teachers and five education partners.

Education Week 2015 - Recipient Citations

Shana MacPherson, Debert Elementary (Colchester-East Hants Local)

Shana MacPherson began teaching Grade 2 at Debert Elementary School three years ago. Her positive impact on students and their families has been immediate, heartfelt and welcomed with open arms. Shana has created a community garden at her school, invited and scheduled families to care for this garden over the summer months and used the resulting harvest to teach students healthy eating habits. 

She hosts an annual classroom museum to which she invites parents, grandparents and other community members to attend, allowing her students to showcase their history. Shana also helps to coordinate Literacy Week, this year arranging for community members to come and share their favourite childhood stories with a classroom. 

Shana has also organized a Green Team, motivating over 40 students to become educated, involved and advocates of recycling, composting and environmental issues. She takes her students to the local Shannex facility to read to seniors and is arranging for the installation of benches around the school garden to create an outdoor classroom. 

Colleagues, supervisors, her students and their families agree: Shana MacPherson exemplifies the 2015 Education Week theme of Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors!

Kathy Wells, Cumberland North Academy (Cumberland Local)

Cumberland North Academy has SOLE – respect for Self, Others, Learning and Environment – and this SOLE comes directly from principal, Kathy Wells. All those who have the opportunity to spend time with Kathy instantly know that she cares. She is a true role model for her students, their families and the broader community showing understanding, empathy and true respect for all people. She welcomes her students with open arms, warm hugs and a keen interest in trying new ideas. 

Kathy works tirelessly to connect her school and students to the local community through the YMCA, the United Way and the local Food Bank. She inspires the staff and students to reach out to the local community and to bring community members into the school through multi-cultural festivals, guest speakers and guest musicians. Through the WITS Program, the students have connected with local RCMP to learn more about and combat bullying. 

Kathy is widely recognized as the community ambassador for her school, encouraging and supporting the connections with the local community, all in an effort to give her students the best education possible.


Karri Ann Noel, West Pictou Consolidated School (Pictou Local)

Karri Ann Noel always has time. Whether she has six projects on the go or 16, if you ask her for a moment, she has it. If you ask her to answer a question, she will. That openness and easy ability to make everyone feel like they are the only person important to her is what her colleagues say make her the perfect recipient of an Education Week Award.

Karri Ann is a Resource Teacher at West Pictou Consolidated School. During her tenure she has made a real difference in the lives of her students, their families and her colleagues. Through her leadership, a grant was obtained from the Aberdeen Health Foundation that will allow students access to technology that will help them build on their life skills. The grant will also allow for students to participate in outings that will take them into their local community, allowing for the development and enhancement of relationship.

Kari Ann is also responsible for the creation of a girls club at West Pictou. The club gives girls who may have difficulty with social interaction and making friends an opportunity to participate in social activities, while learning independence and appropriate social communication.

“Love is love…It’s all about the kids!” If Karri Ann had a personal theme, those words would be it.

Education Week runs until Saturday, April 25, and has been celebrated since 1935, honouring the commitment of teachers and partners, to students. It is a co-operative effort of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, the Nova Scotia School Boards Association, the Nova Scotia Federation of Home and School Associations, la Fédération des parents acadiens de la Nouvelle-Écosse, the Association of Nova Scotia Educational Administrators and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.