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CCRCE News: 
Thursday, December 10, 2015

Maria Duynisveld of Pugwash District High School was the co-recipient of a 2015 Discovery Youth Science Award, an award given to students who has been recognized by the Nova Scotia Science Fairs as worthy of being recognized for his or her outstanding achievements. 

Maria was recognized for the Science Fair project that she conducted during the 2014/2015 Academic School year, entitled “Eggs-amining the Connection Between Foraging Behavior and Egg Characteristics”. Her project focused on whether hens’ foraging behaviour measurably affected any of their eggs’ characteristics, and built upon a project she had done in Grade 7 in which she observed differences in behaviour between breeds of hens. Maria observed foraging behaviour, and measured egg traits, from two laying hen strains, and compared also the effect of their environment (pasture versus indoors). She found the different strains’ egg albumen reacted differently to the environments, and that both foraging behaviour and environment affected yolk colour. 

Maria's project advanced out of the PDHS fair, and her CCRSB regional fair, to the Canada Wide Science Fair in Fredericton last May, where it was awarded a Gold Medal in the Junior Category.

Congratulations, Maria!

Watch the video of Maria below or on YouTube!