A delicious donation

CCRCE News: 
Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tom Nepjuk, of the Pugwash Seventh Day Adventist Church, recently presented Cyrus Eaton Elementary School a cheque for $536. “These funds will gratefully be put towards our school breakfast program, I’m continuously impressed by the generosity of the people in Cumberland County and now Pugwash," said principal, Steve Wells. Each year the church group decides on a program or organization to support; the funds from their annual community dinner are then directed to that selected program or organization. Wells expressed his thanks and pleasure that Cyrus Eaton was selected by the group this school year. Each morning Cyrus Eaton provides juice, cereal, cheese, yogurt and fresh fruit for students. “We provide breakfast for 30-40 students every morning, it’s the most important meal of day," said Wells. In the past the church group has provided funds for youth groups, kids' camps, and other schools.