CCRSB students shine at Regional Science Fairs

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Eight students off to Canada-Wide Science Fair!

CCRSB extends congratulations to the over 230 students who competed in two regional science fairs at the end of March. Students at both the Chignecto-East Regional Science Fair and the Chignecto-West Regional Science Fair wowed the judges with their research, creativity and passion for learning.

The eight students competing at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Montreal this week are as follows: 

  • Emma-Lee Rhyno, Wiggling Towards a Pollution Solution - Hants East Rural High
  • Harishtaa Prithiviraj, Aromatherapy delays progression of neuro-degenerative diseases - Cobequid Educational Centre
  • Hannah Parks, Breathe In/Breathe Out - North Nova Education Centre
  • Maria Duynisveld, Something in the Way They Moove - Pugwash District High School
  • Marika Schenkels, Balanced Learning: Yoga for Academic Performance - South Colchester Academy
  • Megan Fraser, The Science of Seaweed - Northumberland Regional High School
  • Olivia Merlin, Building A More Ergonomic Keyboard - Pugwash District High School
  • Viraji Rupasinghe, Exploring the harmful effects of Bisphenol S - Cobequid Education Center

Click here to read the full list of award-winners from Chignecto-East.

Click here to read the full list of award-winners from Chignecto-West.


Chignecto-West Science Fair finalists.

Chignecto-East Science Fair winners, all grades.