CCRSB students recognized by Lieutenant Governor

CCRCE News: 
Monday, February 29, 2016

CCRSB extends warm congratulations to West Highlands Grade 6 student, Darla Langille-Schumann, and the Grade 7-12 students from the We Act Committee at Hants North Rural High School for their recent recognition by the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia through the Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor’s Respectful Citizenship Award

Darla Langille-Schumann – Grade 6 West Highlands School - Individual Award 
As a young child, Darla spent considerable time at the IWK Hospital and her family was able to provide support to her by staying at the Ronald McDonald House. As a thank you to them, Darla has become an unofficial ambassador for the House and she has not event entered Junior High School. Darla has spent many hours fundraising and leading community events in support of this charity. Darla has demonstrated that she is a caring, responsible young person who is always thinking of others before herself. 

We Act Committee, Hants North Rural High School – Grade 7-12 students - Team Award 
This group of students have set a variety of campaigns that focus on local and global initiatives, including a campaign called, “We Scare Hunger”. They also organized the “We are Silent” campaign in recognition of the millions of students who never enter a classroom. Through participation in this committee, the students have gained an understanding of the causes of issues like hunger, poverty, and lack of education and have taken the initiative to fundraise and educate their fellow students.