CCRSB students in Elmsdale and Truro celebrate Mi kmaq history month

CCRCE News: 
Friday, November 7, 2014

Students at Truro Elementary School and Elmsdale District School  had the opportunity to interact with special guests from the Mi’Kmaq community during Mi'kmaq History Month.

On October 22, Truro Elementary School held a pow wow to celebrate Mi’Kmaq culture. Samqwan Boyz, a drum group from Millbrook led the assembly with help from Mi’kmaq student dancers. Millbrook’s Chief Bob Gloade offered the opening blessing for all attendees.

Students were encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item to help give back to the local community and restock the shelves of the local Food Bank. Students rose to the challenge and brought in 482 lbs!

Truro Elementary students with some of the food they collected for the Food Bank.

Elmsdale District School celebrated Mi’kmaq History Month with special guest, Gerald Gloade, an artist, carver, storyteller and educator. Gerald’s goal is to keep traditional Mi’Kmaq culture alive through his artwork and storytelling. He created this year’s Mi’kmaq History Month poster and his artwork has been featured on a number of past posters.

Grade 5 Elmsdale District School teacher, Tanya Geddes, speaks with Gerald Gloade after his presentation.