CCRSB Reveals Secret Behind Mystery Doors

CCRCE News: 
Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Chignecto-Central Regional School Board (CCRSB) is owning the mystery doors that have popped up across central Nova Scotia in the past week. 

There has been much speculation online and in the news about who set up the doors, ever since a purple door appeared in Elmsdale, a blue door in Amherst, a red door in New Glasgow and several doors of varying colours in the Truro area. The doors are part of the lead-up to CCRSB`s Stand Up. Speak Out. event on Sept. 14. 

“The mystery doors are symbolic of open door, open mind.  Five bright and different colors were chosen to represent the five pillars of social justice,” explained Gary Adams, Superintendent and CEO, CCRSB. “The doors have created quite a buzz with everyone wondering what they are about. We wanted to attract attention to an event that addresses so many important issues for our students.”

Stand Up. Speak Out. is hosted by CCRSB annually. It is an event centered on anti-bullying and has expanded to include the five pillars of social justice representing race, class, gender, sexual orientation and abilities.  The 2017 theme is What's Your Story?

“We have to recognize the complexity of bullying, so in the last couple of years we`ve moved toward a deeper conversation about social justice as an important piece of Stand Up. Speak Out. This year's campaign goes deeper still by promoting the five pillars through the doors,” said Mr. Adams. “It is through our stories that we know each other, it is through our stories that we build relationships and empathy, and it is through our stories that we can more deeply understand the pillars of social justice. If we know someone's story, we are more likely to treat them with respect and understanding.”

The doors will remain in their current locations until the event on Sept. 14. They will then be placed in CCRSB schools, where they will be decorated by students and become even more representative of the pillars of social justice. 

The doors will remain in schools until May when they will come back together to form an art installation truly representative of the five pillars. 

Stand Up. Speak Out. will be hosted by Cobequid Educational Centre in Truro on Sept. 14. Full details about the event, including speakers and special guests, will be released early in September.