Butt Out Pugwash!

CCRCE News: 
Thursday, April 30, 2015

The village of Pugwash is being asked to "Butt Out" on May 1st. Butt Out Pugwash is an initiative promoted by Communities in Bloom in conjunction with Pugwash District High School, the Village Commission, the Pugwash and Area Community Health Board, and the Pugwash & Area Chamber of Commerce. Students in Visual Art 12 and Grade 10 students in the Co-op program, lead by Ms. Cloutier and Mr. Ryan,  created a Pop Art Installation that visually supports the idea of smoking cessation. The Grade 12 art class also made posters to promote the concept. In the words of Grade 12 student Mathew MacDonald, "Why smoke when it just leaves you broke?" An assembly will be held at the school on May 1st to launch Butt Out Pugwash.