Monthly Reports

The Chignecto West Regional Science Fair was held on March 24, 2015 at the CCRSB Central Office. A total of 126 students, representing 98 projects participated in the Fair. Congratulations to all participants and to those students selected for awards. Well done!

2015 Special Award Winners

Agriculture Awareness - Junior

Awarded to the best agriculture-related project ($50 cash)

Saviour from the Sea, Saisrihari Prithviraj, Bible Hill Junior High


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School facilities are available for community use to the fullest extent possible, outside of instructional hours, pending existing school bookings and required general maintenance.

Staff of Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education (CCRCE) are committed to supporting parents and guardians in their efforts to resolve any questions or concerns.

Who do I contact with questions or concerns?

Questions or concerns are most often best addressed with the school staff that work with your child on a daily basis.

Pre-Primary Children

  1. Start with your child’s Early Childhood Educator (ECE). Most concerns can be addressed by starting with your ECE.