Monthly Reports

We look forward to having our students back to in-person learning on Wednesday, June 1 and Thursday, June 2 for our six Nova Family schools. 

It is wonderful news that we will be able to welcome all CCRCE students back to our schools for in-person learning for the remainder of the school year. If any families are feeling unease, please rest assured that our schools are safe. We will continue the same layered approach to safety that has been in place all year, such as mask use, enhanced cleaning, outside learning and maintaining physical distancing.

For students interested in spending more time learning French at school, consider one of CCRCE’s Optional French Programs.

  • Early French Immersion: Grade Primary Entry Point
  • Middle French Immersion: Grade 4 Entry Point
  • Late French Immersion: Grade 7 Entry Point
  • Integrated French: Grade 7 Entry Point

Register online or for more information about our upcoming zoom information sessions, visit

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has engaged Narrative Research to conduct the online survey. This anonymous school improvement survey is for CCRCE students in Grade 4-12 only. Questions on the survey relate to students’ experiences in school as well as to their overall health and well-being. Student responses will assist school improvement efforts related to Student Well-Being and Student Achievement.

SSP Student Survey:

A few additional details:

McCulloch Education Centre has partnered with well-known children’s author Sheree Fitch to work with both students and staff. Sheree has conducted workshops with teachers afterschool, and will be working directly with students in their classes on improving their writing abilities. Sheree’s enthusiasm for writing is contagious and the whole school is excited about working with her. By year’s end, MEC hopes to publish an anthology of student and teacher writing, highlighting the work with Sheree this past year.