UPDATE: Exam exemptions to go forward for CCRSB students

Media Release: 
Monday, January 9, 2017

Students, parents and guardians are advised that exam exemptions for the coming examination period at the end of January will go ahead as planned. 

Attendance, which determines eligibility for exam exemptions, will be reviewed on a school-by-school basis. Schools will contact/confirm with individual students about their status with regards to an exemption. 

Due to the ongoing work-to-rule/strike action by NSTU members, English 10 semestered and Mathematics at Work 10 will not be considered provincial examinations. As such, students may now be considered for an exemption from an examination that may be created to replace these provincial exams.  

Students enrolled in year-long Grade 10 English and mathematics courses are not eligible for exemptions for any planned mid-year exams happening at the end of this month.