UPDATE Dismissal for New Glasgow Academy

Media Release: 
Friday, October 30, 2020

UPDATE: Beginning at 3:00 PM, New Glasgow Academy will be dismissing buses with supervision by staff with support from local police.

Students who usually walk will need to be picked up by parents. The Fire Department is supporting traffic flow around the school. Parents & Guardians may not be able to follow their usually route. Students walkers will be dismissed one at a time. We ask parents to please be patient and expect delays during pickups.



New Glasgow Academy is now in a Hold & Secure due to an ongoing police situation in the local area. For students who are at home for lunch, we ask parents to keep students home. Also, parents will not be able to pick up your child at this time. All students and staff members who are at the school will remain indoors while the Hold and Secure is in effect. Further updates will be provided.