Uniacke District School Bus #115 students to be held for parent pick-up

Media Release: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All other dismissal proceeding as normal

On the advice of local RCMP, Uniacke District School will follow its normal dismissal procedures at the end of the day, with the exception of Bus #115, Purple, driven by Kristen Giles. Students travelling on Bus #115 will be held at the school until they are picked up by parents/guardians. This is due to the road closure on Highway #1. The school will be contacting parents/guardians individually to notify them about this change.

All other parents and guardians are asked to refrain from coming to the school, if possible, so that the area for buses remains clear and safe. RCMP have advised that the incident which prompted the precautionary Hold & Secure was not random and, as such, there is no threat to students and staff.