New Scholarship for Cobequid Educational Centre

Media Release: 
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Olive M. and R. Trueman MacIntosh Memorial Education Scholarship

Robert T. K. MacIntosh (Bob) was blessed with loving and supportive parents who gave generously of themselves to family and the community of Truro. To honour their memory, Bob created the Olive M. and R. Trueman MacIntosh Memorial Education Scholarship to be administered by the Cobequid Educational Centre Scholarship & Awards Committee for a Nova Scotia high school student with good academic standing and high personal standards that would benefit from significant financial support. The scholarship is intended to benefit the student’s community by supporting post-secondary learning. This enduring gift is from a family that valued education, good character, and community service.

A graduate of the Provincial Normal College in 1937 (later known as the Nova Scotia Teachers College), Olive was a teacher in local country schools. She loved people, especially children. After her marriage to Trueman she worked in the family business, R. Trueman MacIntosh Men’s Wear in Truro until her retirement in 1989. She was an active member of First United Church in Truro. Olive was a gentle, kind and positive woman and was always a gracious presence in the lives of family and friends.

Trueman was a successful business man who gave generously to others through community service. He owned and operated the family business in Truro from 1947 until his death in 1982 and served the community as a member of the board of Commissioners of Colchester Hospital, member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 26, an honorary member of the Truro Fire Brigade, president of the Truro Rotary Club, chair of the Truro School Board and a town councillor. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge No. 43, Keith Chapter, Malta Preceptory, a 33 degree Scottish Rite and a member of the Philae Temple as well as a charter member of the Order of the Eastern Star.

Bob grew up in Truro, practiced pitching baseball off a wall on Brunswick Street and won the Malcolm Trophy in 1955 for pitching the perfect game. He studied commerce at Dalhousie University, worked in the family business R. Trueman MacIntosh Men’s Wear in Truro, owned and operated R. Trueman MacIntosh Men’s Wear and the Clothes Horse in New Glasgow until his retirement in 1999. The family business was a feature of downtown Truro for over 50 years. Throughout his life Bob loved people, the arts and travelling. He was a friend and a guide to many people and quietly supported many people in the fulfillment of their dreams.

Olive and Trueman gave great opportunities to their son. He has made this gift to honour his parents and to make an enduring gift to the community. Their loving kindness, encouragement, respect and example guided many people. The MacIntosh family valued education and saw it as a means to acquire a skill, a path to serving society, as well as a path to the lifelong activity of learning and openness to new ideas.  This scholarship is intended to support learners pursue their dreams through education and enable them to contribute to the community through their work and service. 

Follow your interests. Never be afraid to learn. Always be ready to lend a helping hand. Help your neighbour – near and far. Shape the world around you.