Late Buses & Busing Restrictions: March 31, 2017

Media Release: 
Friday, March 31, 2017

Students, parents and guardians are advised of busing restrictions and late buses this morning in parts of Colchester County and throughout Pictou County:

  • Bus #130, Robert MacEachern, is 35-45 mins late picking students up for Frank H. MacDonald, East Pictou Middle School and North Nova Education Centre.
  • Buses throughout Pictou County are running 15-20 minutes late this morning, due to drifting snow and resulting road conditions.
  • The following roads will not be travelled by buses in Pictou County today: 
  • Irish Mountain Road, Heathbell Road, Hardwood Hill Road, Mountville Road, MacKay Road off West Branch Road and Dummglass Road. 
  • The following buses will not be travelling down the Baseline Road in Londonderry Colchester County) due to blowing snow and the resulting road conditions: Bus #248, Bob McCoul and Bus #37, Valerie Yantha. These buses pick students up for Great Village Elementary, West Colchester Consolidated and CEC.