Join the conversation on April 11th!

Media Release: 
Friday, April 8, 2016

The Chignecto-Central Regional School Board (CCRSB) is reaching out to all members of its community through an online, anonymous survey.

Beginning on April 11th, parents, guardians, students, staff members, volunteers, partner agencies and community members are invited to visit to share their ideas by answering three questions:

  • What are some concerns you have about our schools and school board this year? 
  • What are some things you appreciate about our schools and school board this year? 
  • What are some things you would like students to experience at school to get them ready for their future? 

“The questions focus on where our schools, and school board, are now and where we should be going for the future,” said Gary Adams, CCRSB Superintendent. “The responses that we receive will be used to help the governing board and staff build our next strategic plan.”

The survey takes about five to 10 minutes to complete during the initial phase, called Share, which will be open until April 20th. The answers given during the Share process will then be grouped by theme. Participants will be invited to join the process again on April 28th, when they will have an opportunity to choose the ideas they like best by placing stars beside each one. The Star phase will last until May 8th. On May 9th, the results will be posted for everyone to see.

Social media users are encouraged to participate in the online conversation using the following hashtags: #allccrsbvoices, #planningourfuture, #surveysays2016 and #connectsharegrow.

You can learn more about the process by watching this short video: 

The Chignecto-Central Regional School Board is comprised of 17 board members and 2,700 staff all striving to develop independent, lifelong learners in a student-centered environment, with high expectations for all. CCRSB serves over 20,000 students from Primary to Grade 12, throughout the counties of East Hants, Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou.


For more information, contact: 
Debbie Buott-Matheson, Communications Manager 
Chignecto-Central Regional School Board 
Office: 902-897-8911 
Cell: 902-956-8079
Twitter: @CCRSB_Official