CCRSB extends congratulations to 2016 Education Week Award Winners!

Media Release: 
Monday, April 18, 2016

Three teachers and one member of the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board’s governing board will be honoured today as part of the 2016 Education Week Awards Ceremony at Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford. The 2016 Education Week theme is Media Literacy: Empowering Critical Thinking in a Digital Media World

Media Literacy: Empowering Critical Thinking in a Digital Media World, focuses on honouring educators who, through guided learning opportunities, are teaching students to become respectful, responsible and ethical digital citizens.

Teachers Shan King, Winding River Consolidated School; Sally Steeves, West Pictou Consolidated School; and Janice Smith, Pugwash District High School will be honoured – along with colleagues across the province – for their outstanding work with students. 

Governing Board Member, Adam Davies, will receive the 2016 Nova Scotia School Boards Association (NSSBA) Provincial Education Week Partner Award for his outstanding work promoting and advocating for media literacy issues at the board level.


Adam Davies – NSSBA Provincial Education Week Partner Award 
As a librarian, Adam Davies is very well-versed with the world of digital media. During his tenure as a board member with CCRSB, he has been a vocal and pivotal supporter of technology integration in the classroom.  Adam believes that technology is a powerful tool, capable of linking schools across the province, and offering a diversified learning approach to meet the needs of all students; especially valuable in our rural communities. His enthusiasm for technology integration and the use of digital media is inspiring, infectious and important as CCRSB looks toward the future of public education.  





Shan King – Winding River Consolidated School 

Shan King doesn’t just embrace technology in her classroom, she makes it come alive for her students and their families. Nearing completion of her Masters in Technology Integration, Shan takes her own learning and brings it home to her Grade One and Grade Two students through a class website and a YouTube Channel where she uploads videos for students, parents and colleagues. As the Literacy Liaison for her school, Shan is constantly using new tools like Montessori, Google Cardboard, and Starfall, as well as screen casts to reach students and to work with her fellow teachers. Her classroom is often used to demonstrate the effective integration of technology for colleagues at her own school and across the school board. A Grade 2 parent has this to say about Shan, “I am forever grateful for Mrs. King’s adaptable teaching style and sense of adventure. She is always willing to step beyond and let the children experience media and technology to the fullest.”



Sally Steeves – West Pictou Consolidated School 
Sally Steeves focuses on students’ strengths. She always steps up to help students with projects that allow them to grow and accesses their strengths. When West Pictou Consolidated School was given the opportunity to develop a Makerspace, Sally immediately and enthusiastically became a member of the lead team. You can often find her in the Makerspace on her lunch hour and during prep times assisting students, and learning from them as well. Sally believes that technology has the potential to allow every student access their unique abilities and strengths. She helps to make exploring the Makerspace, and technology, a fun, safe and rewarding experience, allowing students the opportunity to explore, make mistakes and learn. Through her guidance and encouragement, students are stepping up to lead; teaching and mentoring others in the Makerspace and beyond. A gifted facilitator, Sally empowers students to see and use technology with a critical eye, but always with opportunity on the horizon.




Janice Smith – Pugwash District High School 
Janice Smith is a professional, lifelong learner who continuously advances to prepare her students for today’s world. With a strong foundation teaching and using timeless literacy methods at her disposal, this experienced and dedicated teacher digitally incorporates her years of experience and professional development through today’s most current technology. She integrates various types of tablets and encourages her students to use their own personal devices in her classroom to augment their learning, to constantly instill critical thinking, and to actively engage students in respectful, responsible, and ethical digital citizenship. Janice has incorporated a Cloud-based practice into her class and has integrated Google Apps for Education into her courses; making her a technology leader in her school. She uses Google Classroom as a method to organize and engage her students to achieve the required outcomes; snow or shine!  



 Provincial Education Week is a joint initiative of the Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union, the Nova Scotia School Boards Association, the Federation des parents acadiens de la Nouvelle-Ecosse, the Nova Scotia Department of Education, the Nova Scotia Federation of Home and School Associations, the Association of Nova Scotia Educational Administrators, and school boards across the province.


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