Busing change: GR Saunders Elementary & Dr. WA MacLeod

Media Release: 
Thursday, September 8, 2016

Students, parents and guardians are advised of a busing route and stop change for students living on Acadia Avenue in Stellarton. 

Due to ongoing construction on Acadia Avenue in Stellarton, between Old Fox Brook Road and Beaufort Street, the bus stop for students living on Acadia Avenue, who attend GR Saunders Elementary and Dr. WA MacLeod Consolidated has been moved to the corner of Old Fox Brook Road and Acadia Avenue. Morning pick-up time for this bus stop is 7:55 am. Drop-off times for the end of the day are as follows: Dr. WA MacLeod Consolidated – 2:45 pm, and GR Saunders Elementary – 3:00 pm. The bus driver for this route is Anne Marie MacKenzie. The bus is #141.

This change in bus stop location and times will remain in place until the construction on Acadia Avenue is completed.