Boundaries for new West Highlands Elementary School, Spring Street Academy finalized

Media Release: 
Monday, March 3, 2014

At its most recent meeting, the elected members of the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board’s Education Services Committee confirmed the proposed boundaries for the new West Highlands Elementary School.  Construction on the new school is expected to be completed in late fall 2014.

“We know that parents and students have had questions about where and how the boundaries will be applied and how catchment areas will change between the new West Highlands Elementary School and Spring Street Academy,” said Scott Milner, CCRSB Director of Education Services. “The decision on the new boundaries, and resulting catchment areas, was made by the elected Board in 2011. In the last number of weeks, Education Services staff have been exploring exactly how that decision will be applied for September 2014.”

The new boundaries were first proposed and accepted by the elected Board following a detailed boundary review study in the fall of 2010 and winter of 2011. At that time, board members voted in favour of the following option; “Option 2”: 

Forty-three (43) grades 5 and 6 French Immersion students remain at Cumberland North Academy.
Fifty non-immersion (50) students transfer from Spring Street Academy to West Highlands Elementary
from a designated area along the shared boundary. This configuration brings student enrolments close
to capacity at all three schools. About 50 students will be relocated.

 The 50 students indicated in “Option 2” will be gathered from those students who:
  • Reside on the new shared boundary between West Highlands Elementary and Spring Street Academy.
  • Live well-within the old West Highlands catchment area, but attend Spring Street Academy without approved transfers.
The new catchment area for West Highlands Elementary, which will come into force for September 2014, includes all of LaPlanche Street as you enter the Town of Amherst. From LaPlanche Street, the boundary runs as follows:  
  • Southwest off LaPlanche onto East Victoria Street; East Victoria onto Church Street; Church Street onto Albion Street; and Albion Street turning southwest onto Spring Street. All Spring Street addresses will attend Spring Street Academy. (These streets form the shared boundary between Spring Street Academy and West Highlands Elementary.)
  • From Spring Street, turning southeast onto Station Street; Station Street turning east onto East Pleasant Street; and East Pleasant Street onto Central Avenue. All Central Avenue addresses will attend West Highlands Elementary.  (These streets form the shared boundary between Spring Street Academy and West Highlands Elementary.)
  • From Central Avenue crossing over Robert Angus Drive and then out to the Town boundary. (These streets form the shared boundary between Spring Street Academy and West Highlands Elementary.)
  • The catchment then follows the Town boundary in a southwestern direction and heads northwest to Robert Angus Drive, connecting with Robert Angus Drive 250 meters from the intersection of Robert Angus and South Albion Street.
  • From Robert Angus Drive, the line follows Industrial Park Drive, Anson Avenue and James Street. The line turns west before the end of James Street between Tantramar Crescent and Victoria Street West.  The line continues out to Highway 104 and follows the Town boundary in a north and then northeastern direction until it meets LaPlanche Street. 
The new catchment areas, including boundary lines, can be viewed on the new catchment area map.
For CCRSB to meet the requirements of the elected Board’s chosen option there will be no grandfathering for current students. For example, if a student currently attending Spring Street Academy falls in the new catchment area for West Highlands Elementary he/she will be moved to West Highlands Elementary beginning in September 2014.
“We know that the issue around grandfathering, with regards to the new catchment areas, may cause worry for parents and students,” said Milner. “We will work with students and parents to ensure a smooth transition happens, by organizing a visit to their new school and an opportunity to meet their new teachers before September 2014. We are hopeful that students and parents will view this change as an opportunity. West Highlands Elementary will be a state of the art school, offering its students an amazing learning environment.”
The Chignecto-Central Regional School Board is comprised of 17 board members and over 3,000 staff all striving to develop independent, lifelong learners in a student-centered environment, with high expectations for all. CCRSB serves over 20,000 students from Primary to Grade 12, throughout the counties of Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou and the Municipality of East Hants.
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