Truro Junior High Students experience life in a wheelchair as part of Sensitivity Awareness Month

CCRCE News: 
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Truro Junior High School students learned what it was like to spend time in someone else's reality during Sensitivity Awareness Month, held during May. Grade 6 student, Joe Wood, who lives every day of his life in a wheelchair was the inspiration for his class.  Joe's classmates took turns spending a day in a wheelchair so they could truly experience what life was like for him; the challenges and the differences in routine were eye openers for students. After the experience, the students wrote reflections on their day to better communicate and remember the experience. All of the reflections were also shared with Joe. A big thank you goes to Educational Assistant, Bernie Mullen, for helping to make the "day in the life" experience possible and to all those who helped to Truro Junior's Sensitivity Awareness Month such a great success!