Career Exploration Program: Northumberland Regional High School

The Career Exploration Program (CEP) at Northumberland Regional High School is a three year program (Grades 10, 11 and 12) that offers students an opportunity to learn valuable workplace skills and experience while earning their Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma.

At Northumberland we run on a self contained two day schedule with a staff entirely dedicated to the program. Although our days look different from that of students in the traditional school, we have the same breaks, lunch time and class times. Adhering to this schedule enables us to assume larger projects. Having staff dedicated to the program provides a team that works together to ensure success

Our Forestry Program is a practical course which focuses on forest management, ecology, harvesting, planting and safety.

Our Retail Program covers Retail Sales and Merchandizing. The focus of this course is to the develop skills necessary to successful employment in the Retail Industry. They study merchandizing, shipping and receiving, profit, costing, customer service, and technology as it pertains to the retail industry. The students run a small store at the school.

The Auto Care Program involves all aspects of vehicle care and maintenance. The students in this shop provide service to the public which necessitates an understanding of cost estimates and invoicing. The aim is to prepare students for the work force, community college or other post-secondary opportunities.

In Food Services students are taught the preparation, serving and catering of many different types of food in a variety of settings. Nutrition and safe food handling are important components of this course.

All of our students receive safety and first aid training and certification. They prepare a portfolio and are expected to participate in a mock interview process. They are expected to complete applications, cover letters, and a resume.

Programs available at Northumberland Regional High School:

Career Exploration Program Application Form & Community Reference Form

*Students interested in applying for the Career Exploration Program should contact school administration for more information.