Career Exploration Program: Cobequid Educational Centre

The Career Exploration Program (CEP) at Cobequid Educational Centre is a three year program (Grades 10, 11 and 12) that offers students an opportunity to learn valuable workplace skills and experience while earning their Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma.

Students in Grade 10 can either choose the Property Services or Food Services Program. In the Property Services Program, students can expect to learn about landscaping, carpentry, electrical, plumbing etc. Students in the Food Services Program will learn what it is like to work in a commercial kitchen. Students in this class learn all the basics in the cooking industry. Students can also expect to cater on a regular basis. Students in Grade 12 will repeat these programs at a higher level.

Students in Grade 11 participate in the Retail Program. During the year the students are responsible for running the school store, The Cougar Cage. Working as a team, following a schedule, selling school clothing creates a very real retail experience for the students in this shop.

Each year, students who are 16 prior to the first work placement will go out to work in the community. This is known as a co-op credit. Students work two full weeks in the fall and two weeks in the spring. The work experience is directly related to the career course they study in school. Students gain valuable career skills and often establish contacts that lead to future employment. Students can expect to take their First Aid Course, St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid, WHMIS training, and those in the Commercial Food grade 12 class may choose to take the Food Handlers Course.

CEP courses offered at Cobequid Educational Centre:

Career Exploration Program Application Form & Community Reference Form

*Students interested in applying for the Career Exploration Program should contact school administration for more information.