Career Exploration Program: Auto Care

Grade 11 and 12 students in the Auto Care program will experience a wide range of learning opportunities related to technology and problem solving in the automotive industry. Through these courses, students will develop some of the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in the automotive industry.

During these courses students will work on vehicles in need of various repairs and maintenance including tire changes, balancing, oil changes, brake work, and welding, Students also gain the opportunity to experience the business-side of being a mechanic as they complete service requests, write bills, and deal with customers. They will also participate in a variety of activities that fulfill standard auto industry contracts.

Students will develop a variety of skills and basic knowledge needed to explore careers in the Automotive Industry and related sectors while earning credits toward their high school graduation diploma. These courses are designed to meet the needs of a great range of learners, including those who may proceed to post-secondary education in this and other fields, as well as those who will be seeking direct entry into the work force following high school graduation.

The Auto Care Program is currently available at Northumberland Regional High School and North Nova Education Centre.

Auto Care Courses:

Auto Maintenance 11 & 12
Auto Systems 11 & 12