Annual Report to Parents, Guardians & Community

I am pleased to present the 2017-2018 Annual Report for Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education. This report represents the collective efforts of our system to provide high-quality public education over the last year.

The 2017-2018 school year was a time of significant change for our region. As recommended in the Raise the Bar report, the year saw the dissolution of our elected school boards. The area represented by a former school board is now referred to as a Region and continues to operate as a legal entity. In addition, the transformation included new names for both the school board and the Superintendent, now called the Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education and the Regional Executive Director, respectfully.

Although the organization saw a major transformation in its branding and titles, I’m proud to say that we have stayed focused on what matters: our students.

In this report, you will see the many initiatives and priorities our system has been focused on to continually challenge both ourselves and our students to meet high expectations and achieve success. In addition, you will find our academic achievement results and well-being results, arrived at through various assessment tools. These give a snapshot of the current state of both our students’ academic standings, as well as their social-emotional well-being. Having both results is important, as it helps us gauge our students’ readiness to learn. This is because, if a child is not experiencing a positive sense of social-emotional well-being, they cannot come to class with a full capacity to learn.

I hope as you review this report, you will also have an appreciation of the innovation and creativity our staff are calling upon to provide engaging learning experiences for our students that will better prepare them for the ever-changing global world. I am in awe each and every day of our dedicated staff, parents/guardians, and communities that come together to support the education of our inquisitive students. This report showcases a mere sliver of the excellent work from our region every day.


Gary Adams
Regional Executive Director of CCRCE

View and download the report here