Employees & COVID-19

Employee Wellness

CCRCE is committed to the health and well-being of our employees, and while we may not be at our usual work sites, we want to ensure our employees have good strategies for staying safe while working at home. During this time of social distancing many of us are working at alternate locations and how we set up our working space can have an impact on our bodies and overall well-being.

Included in our Employee Wellness Program, the Employee Health Team is focused on ergonomics.  We recognize employees have various workspaces with limited ability to set up the optimal workspace, so we feel it is important to provide our employees with a guide on how to best set up your workspace.

Technology at Home

Phishing/Scam Awareness

Unfortunately, during times of uncertainty, email scammers try to use fear to motivate people to click on email scams and phishing campaigns. Below are some helpful reminders to keep you cyber safe during COVID-19.